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The Office of Access & Inclusion of the State Bar of California distributes and monitors grants to nonprofit organizations that provide free civil legal services to indigent people in California, as well as organizations that provide legal training, legal technical assistance or advocacy support to the organizations that provide direct legal services indigent people.

The revenue for these grants comes primarily from three sources:

Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA)
Equal Access Funds (EAF)
• Donations and other contributions to the Justice Gap Fund

These funds are allocated among approximately 100 nonprofit organizations in California each grant year pursuant to criteria set forth by statute. Nonprofit corporations that provide free civil legal services to indigent Californians as their primary purpose and function can qualify to receive grants through the Office of Access & Inclusion as Qualified Legal Services Projects. Nonprofits that have as their primary purpose and function the provision of legal technical assistance, legal training, or advocacy support, and which provide a significant level of such services to Qualified Legal Services Projects can qualify as Support Centers.

Application materials for funding from the Office of Access & Inclusion for the following calendar year are typically available on this site beginning in early April. The deadline for submission of all application materials is usually six weeks later in mid-May. If there is sufficient interest from prospective applicants, the Office of Access & Inclusion will host a short live webinar after the release of the application materials. A registration link for the webinar will be posted here when available.

For information regarding eligibility, please refer to the Business and Professions Code 6210-6228, the State Bar Rules and Deadlines, and the Eligibility Guidelines for Legal Services Projects and Support Centers.

If you have questions or require further information, call (415) 538-2252 or e-mail trustfundprogram@calbar.ca.gov.